Welcome to International Star Registry, the original star naming company! We have been naming stars for people since 1979. Celebrities, dignitaries, royalty and people all over the world have used our services to buy a star for friends and family. Name a star for someone special.

When you name a star it will be permanently recorded in Your Place in the Cosmos, the only published listing of named stars in the world! Each volume is copyrighted in the United States of America and available for purchase for future generations to refer to and enjoy.

Flowers, greeting cards, and candy are nice; when you name a star for a loved one, your gift will stand the test of time. No one can buy a star, but when you name a star with us you will be purchasing an unforgettable gift that you can share forever.

Browse our site to discover the different star naming kits and package options we have available and place your order today!

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Elizabeth - It was great! Fast turn around time and a very unique gift. I also ordered the star ornament and that was very nicely done as well.

Ellen - Love the certificate that comes with it to be framed!

Ellen - This is for my Grandaughter. She is my shining star and she has a real star

Emily - I'm so excited to give a star to my best friend as a going away present for college. We've been neighbors for 14 years! Named it after us and our other best friend and neighbor; Grace is my gem in the sky :)

Erick - Everyone needs to do this easy to do.....

Erin - Quick shipping and very nice looking certificate!

Erin - It made a really great gift for a sky-gazer!

Etta - my mom loved the gift, we looked at it together online and it was amazing

Evangelina - Thank you!

Eve - It was a wonderful birthday gift for my husband, who has always wanted to be an astronaut, but alas, he gets motion-sick easily. This was the next best thing. He loved it!

Facebook - VERY nice gift!

Facebook - Very professional looking certificate!!

Facebook - I love the star registry

Frank - I used it for a xmas gift that was VERY much loved

Frank - "This is a great way to remember someone by and to let others know the love you have so I would just like to say thank you. This was in memory of my son that passed away just a few min. After being born. Thank you Frank Martin"

Gina - Expeditiously shipped and packaging was perfect! A beautiful certificate of authenticity included with constellation map. Love this!

Gloria - It really was great! They sent certificate (for that specific star), a map to find it's location in the right area, and other stuff the budding astronomer found interesting. So, yes, I'll be back for my next star.

Gwen - My children had so much fun that I bought one for every child in my sons class. They also had a blast!

Hannah - Everything was beautiful! Exactly as described and easy to order!

Heather - The perfect gift for my son who is an amateurs astronomer

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