November 7, 2018

Blog 1 Image Credit: © Jeff Dai 2015

The New Moon November 7th

The NEW MOON November 7th means there will be dark skies for catching the second half of the TAURIDS METEOR SHOWER, which peaks on the 6th and continues through December 10th.  VENUS is the first planet of the morning this week, you will find it above the western horizon for about an hour before the sun’s rays block it from view. This is still a great time for viewing MARS. Watch for the red planet in the south eastern skies at dusk. It will remain visible until shortly before midnight JUPITER will be overhead during the daylight hours, not giving us much of a chance to catch a glimpse before disappearing in the final glow of sunset. Check the Southwestern sky at dusk to see SATURN, which will be visible for about 3 hours.  Also in the Southern sky you will see URANUS. It will appear in the southeastern sky at dusk and will shine all night. Grab some cocoa and your sweetheart. This is a great week to watch the planets and maybe even wish upon a star!